Friday, May 30, 2008

5-30-2008 (A Day) Happenings

I checked for supplies and read off overdue books from the media center. I collected any outstanding Packer Passes and students also turned in Blog Log #2. I returned the Hurricane Wiki Grading Rubric to each group and answered any questions related to the project. We watched Part 1 of An Inconvenient Truth. Some students responded to the assigned blog entry.

Purple Writing Indicates New Assignments
  • Bring RIF Material. (DUE Tuesday)
  • Respond to the Blog Entry An Inconvenient Truth Initial Thoughts (DUE Tuesday)
  • Check Mr. Buckley's LRT Blog ( daily and complete any tasks that are added.
  • Bring all supplies to class.
All extra credit assignments are optional.
Mr. Buckleys' LRT
Mr. Buckley's LRT Wiki--
Please remember that all handouts can be downloaded and printed out at

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