Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Global Warming: Where Do You Stand?

After watching An Inconvenient Truth and The Global Warming Swindle, answer the following questions:
  1. Regarding the topic of global warming, do you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree or strongly disagree.
  2. Provide three reasons to support your position on global warming. These reasons should have been presented in An Inconvenient Truth and The Global Warming Swindle.
  3. Provide one reason that counters your argument. Then explain (use other evidence) to refute that argument.
Be sure to number your answers and provide detailed responses.


Shannon A (LRT 7/8A) said...

1) I strongly agree that Global Warming is happening.
2) -Icebergs are melting
-CO2 emissions are staying in the atmosphere
-Ocean storms are increasing in intensity because the ocean is heating up.
3)There have been temperature changes like this before. (Ice age)
4)No temperature change has gone at this rate before.

Maggie A (LRT 7/8b) said...

I agree
1) I know that there is a lot of CO2 being released in the air that is unnecessary. It is really poisoning the planet.
2) I al so know that The temperatures and seasons are slightly shifting. When it is supposed to be cold, it is warm and vice versa.
3) I know that all the icebergs and glaciers are melting so many animals, mainly polar bears are dying from it.
The thing that makes global warming seem weird is that this year in Minnesota instead of having a nice hot beginning of summer because of global warmings, it has reversed it and we have had a cold and rainy start to summer.

Nateglewwe said...

Strongly agree with Mr. Gore. Polar bears are drowning, the Ice caps are melting, and the weather's going crazy. The one reason that counter's the argument is that some records show some different results.

Allie D (1-2 B) said...

I am neutral. I know something is happening but Gore had no evidence to support what he said. He just told us things. He didn't show where or how he got his information. In the other video, there were many scientists to contribute to their information. They are more believable than Gore.

Lizzie H. (7/8B) said...

I disagree, yes the earth is worming, but it is NOT because of us!
1) The earth has been going up and down in temperature since the begging of time.
2) It cant be because of us, because mars is globally worming and obviously their are no people to cause polution mars.
3) If their was global WORMING, than why was our winter so long and cold!?!?

laura s (5/6a) said...

1. I agree

2. iceburgs are melting, storms on the oceans are getting worst, and there is a lot of CO2 in the air.

3. There have always been temperature changes.

4. No temperature change has changed this dramatically before.

Fallon S. 5/6B said...

I agree that global warming is happening.
3 reasons are that all of the icebergs and glaciers are melting, Co2 is being released into the air frequently, and there are more storms in the ocean happening because of the ocean heating up.
There have been changes of temperature like this before, ice age, but nothing to this same extent.

jordieee s! said...

1)I agree with global warming.
2)Icebergs melting.
3)A lot of CO2 in the air.
4)Driving out cars.