Monday, June 2, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth Final Thoughts

Today we watched Part 2 of An Inconvenient Truth, a movie about global warming:
  1. List two things that you agreed with or believed were true while watching this movie.
  2. List two things that you disagreed with or questioned were true while watching this movie.
Be sure to explain in detail so others reading will understand what you are saying. Remember that you will be watching a counterpoint video to this movie with the goal of personally deciding what you believe is occurring with our planet.


Emma C said...

1.That smoking is bad!!!!!!
2.That the ice caps are melting.

1.Some of the charts didn't look correct.
2.The Laurent shelf melted in 35 days

Anonymous said...

1.We can buy more effiecient cars and save electricity.
2.There has been a bigger population.
1. If Al Gore is so against Global warming, why doesn't he say what he does to contribute. Ex. NOT driving his hummer
2. It could be part of earth's cucle. Or it might be a phase like the very first ice age, where all the ice melted really fast.

Allie D (1-2 B) said...

1. I find it hard to believe that all all of those places that he named will be partially under water if Greenland melts. I believe some of it but not every single place that he mentioned.
2. I also think that he over-exaggerated towards the end of the movie. He said that our planet will be
destroyed and that our homes will be gone.
1. I agree that the government pays more attention to terroism problems more than environmental issues.
2. I also agree that more people need to recycle and buy hybrid cars.

Lindsey S said...

1 thing I agreed with was that the ice is melting so the sea level will rise. Though I am not sure that when Greenland melts I am not sure the sea level will destroy that many places.
I also agree that animals all over the world are dying and may become extinct. Another thing I am not sure about is that the mosquitoes will rise up into the mountains that quickly.

Emma P (1/2 B) said...

I kinda agreed with most of what he said. I agree that we are now in the period of consequences, and that old habits + new technology= messed up world. I didn't really disagree with anything, except how he blamed it on his and our parents generations. It's probably true, but all past generations did things to help us into this mess.

John L (1-2 B) said...

1. I believe that global warming is a serious problem. I also believe that we must do something to help keep our planet clean.

2. I don't believe that CO2 emissions will be quite that high so soon. I also don't believe that the ice could melt so quickly.

monica o (1/2 B) said...

1) I agree that global warming is a fact and a real problem. I also believe everyone needs to help with making global warming not a crisis, and everyone should be determined to help out.
2) I do not believe that global warming is just a theory. I also disagree that global warming will get better on its own, and nothing can be done to stop it.

Shannon A (LRT 7/8A) said...

1) I believe that Global Warming is happening and that we definateley need to swing into action soon, or else the Earth will be seriously damaged.

2) I'm skeptical about the rate of warming and if it really affects us (humans) that much.

Maggie A (LRT 7/8b) said...

1) I agree that the seasons are varying.
2) I agree that if all the water spread then the people living in the area would have to evacuate. I think that the water could spread.
3) I disagree that the ice breaking is an instant affect of global warmings.
4) I disagree that the people are contributing as badly to global warmings as he says they are. A lot of people are working to stop it.

Michelle L. (LRT 5/6B) said...

1) Global Warming is true.
2) I agree that Al Gore is a good persuaser.

1) I disagree with the fact that humans are the main cause for Global Warming.

2) I disagree with the "50 years later" chart. I'm curious to listen the other side of the argument.

Fresa S. said...

1)I agree that the united states are making the most co2 emissions. We are causing a lot of global warming.
2)I agree that global warming is a global issue. It involves everyone on the entire planet.
3)I don't really get how global warming is bringing back diseases that we had under control.
2)I don't really disagree with anything else.

Nateglewwe said...

I agree:

Water levels will rise if Greenland melts

That Humans are responsible for this climate change.

I disagree:

That the sea level will rise so much.

That humans alone are responsible for this.

sarsteffen said...

1) I believe the U. S. is the main contributer to global warming and I also think we have the power to lead world in fixing it.
2) I still have not heard something I disagree with. I think he is telling an inconvenient truth.